In case you didn't see the announcement, we are teaming up with MSATO MILSIM to do a company vs. company event in Virginia from June 24-26, 2016.

We've regrouped from our MUTC scratch and are going head to head with MSATO at a huge facility that has never had MILSIM before and we're looking forward to presenting everyone with not only a new venue, but something that's never been done before - taking our enlistees and pitting them directly against another company.


This will be a 2-day event that includes over 12 multi-story buildings with approximately 500,000 sq feet of building space along with fully accessible UNDERGROUND SERVICE TUNNELS that connect between some of the structures. It includes over 2 full kilometers of battle space and this is the FIRST TIME this private venue has been used, so be prepared to fight building to building for every room.


For this OPERATION, you can choose to enlist with EITHER COMPANY.  Centurion (us) will be GREEN (Woodland, OD) and MSATO will be TAN (ACU, Multicam).  Decide if you would like to play with Bubba or against Bubba (we suggest with) and then ENLIST TODAY.