CENTURION’S Cast of Characters of the Central American Conflict

involving the Republic of Copan and the Federation of Bolivarian States


ENTITIES: Military Units, Paramilitary Units, Criminal Organizations, Political Parties and Companies Operating in Copan and FEB (in alphabetical order in English)

·        1st Commando Battalion, 1o Batallon de Comandos – US-trained Copanian military unit that was stood up under the leadership of Copanian General Guerrero (see Gen Atticus Guerrero) in 2018.  The unit originated from the Gatos Negros (see Black Cats, 1st Battalion, 45th Light Infantry).  They were reflagged as commandos after receiving extensive training in strike force, airborne and air assault operations.  

·        Black Berets, Las Boinas Negras - paramilitary organization within Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence (DBI).  They are a unit that is fanatically loyal to the Torrez presidential regime of the FEB.  They often work in a counter-intelligence capacity as well as a covert strike force.  The unit is highly secretive, and little is known about their operations, and disposition.

·        Black Cats, Los Gatos Negros 1st Battalion, 45th Light Infantry -  was the precursor to the Copanian Commandos (see 1st Commando Battalion).  The Black Cats saw combat action during the beginnings of the Copanian Civil War (2017) in Ciudad Tabor, Carolina del Norte and Valle Tygart, Oeste Virginas provinces. 

·        Black Tigers Militia, Tigres Negros Milicia  -  originally started out as a vigilante group primarily operating in southern Copan against criminal elements in rural lawless areas.  They eventually became a right-wing militia gaining support from elements inside the Copanian government most likely due to the political and military connections their leader, Colonel Honcho (see Miguel Honcho), had previously establishedDue to the tough economic situation in Copan and having weapons, they often operate as hired goons working for the highest bidder.  Over time they developed franchise elements who became corrupt with unknown allegiances primarily motivated by money.  They continue to have strong connections with the Copanian government and have successfully worked as a surrogate force on Copanian military missions.  However, rogue Tigres Negros elements have also previously operated with insurgents such as FARIS though evidence is scarce bringing their loyalty into question.  

Tigres Negros usually operate in 1 to 6-man cells in both low and high visibility.  When in high visibility they are seen wearing black uniforms and openly armed.  They are heavily armed with various small arms, crew served weapons and mobile gun platforms. They have an established intelligence network southern Copan and parts of northern FEB.

·        Blanco Y West Maderas –  logging company that operates in Valle Tygart, Oeste Virginas Copan.  Their logging roads were reportedly used as smuggling routes for black market oil, and precious stones that helped finance the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (see FARIS).

·        Blue Squadron, Escuadron Azul -  specialized unit within of the Copanian insurgents, the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (see FARIS), that carries out hacking, electronic espionage, and counter-intelligence activities.

·        Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence (DBI), Dirección Bolivariano de Inteligencia -  intelligence agency for the Federation of Bolivarian States  (see La Federacion de Estados Bolivarianos - FEB).   The DBI is akin to both the CIA and FBI are to the US.  It operates in the shadows in order to detect, predict and combat external and internal threats that may affect the FEB’s national security.  Unlike the US agencies, however, the DBI, with extensive guidance from skillful Cuban intelligence officers, persecutes, threatens, arrests, tortures and eliminates political dissidents.  The DBI has law enforcement and arresting authorities with minimal governmental oversight as well as paramilitary capabilities (see Black Berets).

·        Bolivarian Movement, Muvimiento Bolivarianofar-left Copanian political party.   It has strong connections with the socialist and communist parties of the FEB.  It allegedly also has connections with Copanian insurgents of FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality).

·        CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

·        Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) -  premier intelligence agency of the US.  Born of its World War II predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), in 1947, the CIA has been involved in Latin America since the very beginning of the Cold War (1947-1991) covertly stemming communist pressures to the Western hemisphere.   The CIA gained notoriety by supporting Latin American right-wing dictators during this time, who were ruthless in their fight against communist forces.  Often the dictators repressed their people and maintained the poor economic status quo which often only resulted in greater support for communism.  Currently the CIA is allegedly supporting counter-insurgency efforts in Copan and the assisting the FEB resistance (see Nueva Madrugada).

·        Committee for State Security (KGB), Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности -  security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-up in 1991.  Its main functions were; foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, guarding the State Border of the USSR, and leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Soviet Government, organization and ensuring of government communications as well as combating nationalism, dissent, and anti-Soviet activities.  Agents operated all over the world and in Latin America as an antagonist to US influence.  US analysts believe many older left-wing politicians and military officers in the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB) as well as left-wing insurgents still have strong connections with old handlers who are now in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (see FSB).

·        Communists, Communistas -  far-left ruling party in the government of the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB).  They led the charge to amend the FEB Constitution allowing the current President (see Estephan Torrez) indefinite terms and greater executive powers effectively installing a dictator in 2018. 

·        Copanian Directorate of Intelligence, Direccion de Inteligencia de Copan (DIC) -  is the Copanian intelligence agency that operates as a combination of what the CIA and FBI are to the US in combating internal and external threats.   It is a relatively new agency having been stood up at the beginning of the Copanian government in 2015.   Their clandestine network is considered widely compromised by US analysts with FEB and Cuban intelligence double agents. 

·        Copanian National Police, Policia Nacional de Copan –federal police force that is considered one of Copan’s most trusted law enforcement agencies.  However, it has, as with most Copanian agencies, issues with corruption.  It is approximately 11,300 officers strong. 

·        Copanian Republican Party, Republicanos de Copan (RC) –  center right-wing political party in Copan.  A majority of its constituents are generally urban and well-to-do.  

·        Copanian Times –  Copanian news outlet that use electronic and hard copy mediums for release.  It hosts center right-leaning editorials.   The FEB accuses it of being US/CIA sponsored propaganda.

·        DBI – Direccion Bolivariano de Inteligencia (see Bolivarian Directorate of intelligence)

·        Democracy and Liberty Party, Democracia y Libertad is a center-left political party in the government of Copan.  It favors some social programs, liberal ideas however, they support private ownership with minimal government regulation.  

·        El Diario Copan   major Copanian news outlet that use electronic and hard copy mediums for release.  It hosts left-leaning editorials.

·        DIC – Direccion de Inteligencia de Copan (see Copanian Directorate of Intelligence)

·        Directorate of Intelligence, Dirección de Inteligencia (DI) -  state intelligence agency of the government of Cuba.  It was founded in late 1961 by Cuba's Ministry of the Interior shortly after the Cuban Revolution. The DI is responsible for all foreign intelligence collection and comprises six divisions divided into two categories, which are the Operational Divisions and the Support Divisions. Throughout its 40-year history the DI has been actively involved in aiding leftist movements, primarily in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.  US analysts are aware of many DI agents operating in Copan and the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB).

·        Doctors Without Borders, Médecins Sans Frontières - international humanitarian medical non-governmental organization (NGO) of French origin best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.  In 2015, over 30,000 personnel — mostly local doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers and administrators — provided medical aid in over 70 countries.  MSF has an annual budget of approximately US$1.63 billion and most of their workers are volunteers. 

The organization continues to work in dangerous locations in Latin America.  In 2018, they suffered the loss of, Dr. John Esniper, during an alleged summary execution after a battlefield interrogation in No Puerta Villa, Georgias province.  Additionally, two others, Drs. Gerald Helms and Philip James, were captured in Copan by insurgents claiming they were spies.  They were found in a black site across the border in the FEB and were rescued by US forces on May 5, 2019.  Doctors Without borders have condemned US actions in Latin America in which they accuse of making matters worse.

·        Eagle Unit, Las Aguilas– special operations unit inside the Federation of Bolivarian States’ (see FEB) intelligence agency, the DBI (see Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence).  It is led by some of the most secretive operators in a paramilitary force known as Las Boinas Negras (see Black Berets).  This covert unit often handpick individuals from the FEB military for missions only after extensive vetting.

·        FARIS – Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias para la Igualdad Social (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality)

·        FEB – Federacion de Estados Bolivarianos

·        Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации -  principal security agency of Russia and the successor to the Soviet’s Committee for State Security (KGB).  Its main responsibilities include; counterintelligence, internal and border security, counterterrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of grave crimes and federal law violations.  US Analysts estimate hundreds currently operate in many parts of Copan and the Federation of Bolivarian States (FEB) in various capacities. 

·        FSB - Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

·        Hawk Corp - US private military company (PMC) that provides personal close protection and site security in high threat environments.  Made up of former US military special operations personnel, it is widely considered the best in the industry.  It won a major contract providing security for Copanian parliamentary candidates during the 2018 elections in Copan and successfully thwarted an assassination attempt against candidate Jose Diaz (see Jose Richardo Diaz). 

·        Los Jefes Cartel -  major transnational criminal organization from FEB and southern Copan region.  Made from the remnants of the Jimenez cartel, Los Jefes started in the drug trade with heroin after a severe drought in 2015.  Opium poppies are very drought resistant which allowed them to exploit tough times in Copan when many crops were lost.  Los Jefes quickly expanded into cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl, which allowed them at one point to dominate the drug trade in the region.  They further diversified their income from illicit activity by delving into human trafficking, blood diamonds, kidnappings, assassinations, and extortion.  Headed by Miguel Armas (see Miguel ‘Macho’ Armas), under his extraordinary leadership of cunning and charisma, they managed to grow into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

Los Jefes attained this status by exploiting their cross-border smuggling routes and world-wide trafficking network, and by working with Copanian insurgents who are always moving men, weapons and equipment.   As a result, Los Jefes developed a very strong working relationship with the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (see FARIS)

Los Jefes had an extensive network of safehouses and caches, most of which were compromised and raided by Copanian Commandos during ‘Operacion Relampago’ in late 2018.  It is widely believed a former underboss under Mr. Armas, Rico Rosa, gave up the information on the network in order to use the Copanian government to diminish the cartel and start his own franchise using the remaining infrastructure.  Mr. Armas and a few of his remaining loyal capos are currently underground and are allegedly working with FARIS to make a comeback. 

Cartel members usually operate in 1-4 man cells and are armed with various small arms.  Los jefes have been known to use heavier military-grade weapons and vehicles acquired off the black market and the battlefield. 

·        Justice in the Shadows Militia, La Justicia en la Oscuridad– were pre-Copanian dictatorship death squads that were sponsored by the CIA in Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  They accused, killed and/or tortured most everyone not supportive of their cause of being communists and part of the old communist insurgency, La Frente de la Gente (The Peoples Front).

·        KGB - Committee for State Security for Soviet Union

·        Luga Industries -  multi-billion dollar US defense company that specializes in various avionics and missile technologies.  It was started and led by US billionaire Mr. Luga (see Dino Luga) who stepped down from CEO to board member.  It has been recently involved in a controversial sale of missile hardware in a foreign defense contract to Copan worth $12 billion for technologically upgraded MK312 surface-to-surface missiles.  US Congressmen in the Foreign Affairs Committee disputed the sale citing poor accountability by the Copanian government.  The sale was endorsed by US President Trump who is also a longtime confidant of Mr. Luga.

·        Luga Foundation – Luga family non-for-profit organization set on the simple belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, everyone has a responsibility to act, and we all do better when we work together.  For nearly two decades, those values have energized the work of the Foundation in overcoming complex challenges and improving the lives of people across the United States and around the world.  Some of the Foundation’s initiatives include; Port-a-John’s for San Francisco, The World Needs Ditchdiggers and Sports Cars for Kids.

·        La Mano Roja Cartel- major Copanian drug cartel with a growing sphere of influence.  This cartel was started by former Los Jefes (see Los Jefes) underboss Mr. Rosa (see Rico Rosa) after he reportedly gave up a large network of safehouses, and caches of drugs, weapons and money.   As a result, they are open and violent rivals against the Los Jefes Cartel.  Their revenue and influence have risen exponentially since the fall of Los Jefes, and they are currently one of the largest drug trafficking organization in the world.  Members of the cartel are reported to have strong ties within the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB) and Copan governments.

·        New Dawn Resistance, La Resistencia de la Nueva Madrugada (RNM) – anti-socialist guerrilla force fighting the Federation of Bolivarian States’ (see FEB) government.  Their support has grown amid the economic turmoil in the FEB and more so after the US invasion.  They are believed to be led by el ‘Leon del Norte’ (see Colonel Leon), a suspected defector of the FEB Army.   The New Dawn converted from political activists to a guerrilla force once the FEB riot police killed protestors in 2019.  

The RNM are poorly equipped and trained, and had little success as a resistance prior to the US invasion of the FEB May 1, 2019.  It is believed US Army Green Berets are training and working with them in northern FEB.  The number of fighters is unknown, and they exist underground using auxiliary elements with strong local support.

·        NGO – Non-governmental organization

·        Panther Unit, Las Panteras –  conventional unit of stormtroopers formed shortly after the establishment of the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB) in 2001.  Over the years they managed to retain many of the grizzled combat veterans from the various coup d’états that overthrew the US-backed dictatorships. They are disciplined, aggressive and seasoned in current tactics.   Much of the experience stems from those handpicked to train the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (see FARIS) insurgents waging war inside Copan. 

·        The People’s Front, La Frente de la Gente –  communist insurgency in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and precursor to the current revolutionary front (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality- FARIS).

·        PetroBol – oil company that was nationalized by the FEB and headed by oil tycoon Diego Sierra.

·        Red Squadron, Escuadron Rojo -  elite unit within the Copanian insurgency of the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (see FARIS), which carries out special operations, espionage, assassinations and kidnappings.

·        Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias para la Igualdad Social (FARIS) -  guerrilla force fighting the government forces of Copan made of the remnants of la Frente de la Gente (see the People’s Front).   FARIS also operates as a proxy force for the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB) who is seeking greater influence in Latin America.  The revolutionary movement is headed by Colonel Verduga (see COL Ramon Verduga), and is composed of mostly poor rural agricultural workers and disenfranchised people of Copan. 

FARIS has effectively taken underground control through a shadow government of many southern townships in Copan, spanning a majority of the southern Border with the FEB.  FARIS mostly operates as uniformed guerillas armed with AK47s, M16s, PKMs, G17s, and RPGs.  They usually operate in 10-20-man elements but do have the ability to mass quickly and work in civilian disguise.  FARIS has the ability to cross the border both ways to conduct decisive guerilla raids and ambushes then retreat into safe haven in the FEB. 

FARIS also has secretive units (see Red Squadron and Blue Squadron) that carry out assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, counterintelligence, propaganda and sabotage.  They have carried out many successful assassinations and are exceedingly good at finding moles in their organization.  Their operational security is among the best in the world using some of the finest and most modern Russian made encrypting devices. 

·        RNM – Resistencia de la Nueva Madrugada (see New Dawn Resistance)

·        Socialists for Justice, Socialistas para Justicia -  far-left political party in the government of the FEB.  It favors lesser government controls in media and in personal affairs but supports all national social welfare programs and nationalizing natural resources.

·        Tecnico Superior Gas Y Petroleo natural gas and oil company based out of Oeste Virginias province Copan.   They were reportedly coerced into allowing insurgents (see FARIS) to sell oil on the Copanian black market.

·        Viper Unit, La Viboras  - origins stem from the FEB military’s intelligence branch.  Trained in intelligence gathering using modern technologies as well as combat, they are part of the spear tip against internal threats such as the emerging resistance forces of la Nueva Madrugagda (see New Dawn).  They often work closely with the DBI (see Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence), Las Panteras (see Panther Unit) and Las Aguilas (see Eagle Unit).  Las Viboras are adaptive to their environment and highly professional. 

·        Wolves, Los Lobos –  small local militia in southern Copan with ties to Los Tigres Negros (see Black Tigers), and FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality).  It has participated in numerous fledging allegiances to various factions including the Copanian government, other militias, and cartels in order to ensure its own survival.  They operate in paramilitary uniforms or civilian clothing and are armed with various small arms.   They were allegedly involved in setting up a Copanian commando ambush against FARIS.



(in Alphabetical order by last name)

·        Señor Amarillio – unknown FEB intelligence agent (see Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence) and associate of Colonel Verduga (see Colonel Ramon Verduga) seen on the oil drilling hilltop in Valle Tygart, Oeste Virginias Provence.

·        Miguel ‘Macho’ Armas -  (AKA Daniel Hermoso) drug lord of the Los Jefes.  He was an orphan at an early age who was raised by Catholic charities in Central America.  His parents were believed to be killed by criminals in Nicaragua.  Having no real attachments, he purportedly did a brief stint in the Spanish army as a Foreign Legionnaire then volunteered to go onto GOE Maderal Oleaga XIX  (19th Special Operations Group).  He then returned to Copan and put his new skillsets to action.  He quickly gained the respect of drug lord Juan Jimenez “JJ” of the Jimenez drug cartel as his top hitman and smuggler.   Armas would eventually rise to take the reins of the cartel after a joint Copanian National Police and US Drug Enforcement Agency raid that killed Jimenez in 2013.  He exploited the drought that hit Central America in 2015 by expanding into drought-resistant opium which greatly expanded the cartel’s income and flexibility.  He claims to be an ambassador, engineer, patriot and pilot on his internet presence. 

·        John Baker- American entrepreneur and banking consultant specializing in Latin American that was captured in Copan by FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) in late 2017.  Accused, tried, convicted and sentenced to death for being a CIA operative by a FARIS kangaroo court, Mr. Baker was rescued in a daring covert operation involving Copanian commandos and the US military.  His life was saved moments before his execution.

·        Major Manuel Banderas -  FEB spy working for FARIS.  He was able to escape with the help of Los Jefes drug cartel members during a botched spy swap October 13 ,2018.

·        Colonel Noman Benotman -  Georgias Provincial Police Chief in Copan.  Colonel Benotman is the son of Lebanese immigrants who moved to Costa Rica, well before the founding of Copan, in search of business opportunities in dealing precious stones.  Not interested in the family business, he pursued a career as a police officer and made his way up the ranks serving over 30 years.  

US analysts have trouble with determining his motivations and allegiances, but he is undoubtedly corrupt.  With a background in precious stones, it is very likely he is involved in the Blakely diamond mines, skimming money for ‘protection’.  At one point, he was humiliatingly detained by US forces in which US advisors and Copanian commandos mocked and posed with him accusing him of being an agent for the insurgency which caused an international incident.  In another episode, he was allegedly shot by US billionaire Mr. Luga’s (see Dino Luga) bodyguard but survived the altercation.  Nevertheless, he has worked extensively with the Copanian military and US advisors even rescuing and returning a forgotten Copanian commando who luckily found refuge with local sympathetic villagers in No Puerta Villa.

·        La Boca de la Revolucion (The voice of revolution) AKA ‘La Boca’ – FARIS’ (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) propaganda minister.  He is an anonymous spokesperson who releases media and official statements for FARIS.

·        El Bombardero, Bomber, AKA ‘Arturo’ -   IED facilitator in southern Copan who is a possible double agent.  US analysts believe he has strong ties with the FEB’s intelligence agency the DBI (see Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence).

·        Señor Brian – mysterious donor to the FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality).  He is suspected of being a Russian Federal Security Service (See FSB) agent.

·        Señor Bub – auxiliary cell leader for FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) that lives in Valle Tygart, Oeste Virginias Province Copan.  

·        Christophe ‘Frenchie’ Bouillardcommunist militant with a long history working with Latin American insurgencies as an advisor.  US analysts believe he was initially recruited and trained by the KGB in the late 80s then later picked up by Cuban Intelligence as a paramilitary advisor.  He is believed to be underground in Canada after a daring escape while under confinement.   He was captured attempting to cross the US border at a checkpoint.  He is fluent in French, Spanish and English and is known to be a master of disguise.

·        Chinaman- Nom de guerre of ‘Antonio’ -  former Copanian commando that defected to FARIS.  This former commando was considered among the best.  He is wanted for treason by the Copanian government and has placed a 50,000 Copanian colones ($15 USD) reward for his capture.

·        Señor del Bote’ – mysterious fisherman that lives in Valle Tygart, Oeste Virginias Province that allegedly transported agents to a secluded riverside meet sites.

·        Lazaro de la Palma - first elected President of Copan in 2012.

·        Colonel Ricardo del Toro - Copanian conventional officer with nefarious contacts and is considered corrupt by US analysts.  He is the acting the executive officer under General Guerrero (see Atticus Guerrero) for 1st Commando Battalion. 

·        Jose Richardo Diaz -  senatorial candidate for the Copanian Republican Party that survived a FARIS assassination attempt on February 24, 2018 during a political rally in Blakely, Georgias province.  Diaz has since discontinued politics after the attempt and went back to his previous career as a used car salesman.

·        Cabo Dominic Dominguez - loyal underling and assistant to Colonel Ramon Verduga.  Often seen as a perpetual screw up, his unwavering loyalty and hard work ethic surpasses that of his peers making him a valuable asset to FARIS.  Analysts have speculated his awkward fickleness and absentmindedness is a ploy for potential adversaries to underestimate him.

·        Capitan Fidel Durango – deputy commander of la Resistencia de la Nueva Madrugada (see New Dawn) who believed to be a defector from the FEB military.    He briefly took command after an attempt on Colonel Leon’s (see Colonel Leon) life.  

·        Daniel Fernandez- - Right-wing Copanian candidate for Parliament who was injured December 27, 2017 in a bombing attack on his convoy in Copan.

·        Capitan Javier ‘Gordo’ Franco – executive officer of the 98th Brigade in the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (see FARIS) and support cell leader for FARIS Operations in southern Copan.   Originally born in Colombia, he enlisted as a teenager and fought for the Ejército de Liberacion National (ELN-  National Liberation Front) where he learned how to be an insurgent.

Once Colombia became part of the FEB (see Federation of Bolivarian States’), US analysts believe he was commissioned as an officer in the FEB Army.  Since the US invasion of the FEB in May 3, 2019, it is most likely he has returned to his homeland to fight as an FEB regular.   

Capitan Franco is seen as a staunch supporter of Colonel Verduga (see Colonel Ramon Verduga) and has reportedly been in combat with the colonel since the beginnings of FARIS.  US analysts surmise this was the FEB’s means of keeping tabs on the insurgent colonel and/or Capitan Franco’s previous experience as a guerrilla.  However, as an ideological purist and having started as a guerrilla, he sees his duty as an underground fighter as the most noble of the revolutionaries.  Certainly, he has been in charge of FARIS elements in the absence of Verduga. 

Capitan Franco is undoubtedly loyal to the FEB, which is at times is at odds with FARIS operations in Copan.  This can bring about possible points of friction when working within the two elements.

·        Francisco ‘Pancho’ Forro –  son of Miguel Forro (see Miguel Forro), right wing political party leader, who was captured by an armed militia of unknown allegiances called Los Lobos (see Wolves) and held for ransom.  Pancho was executed by FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) after a botched attempted rescue by US/Copanian forces on March 26, 2017.  His execution was streamed live.

·        Miguel Forro –political party leader for the right-wing Republicanos de Copan (RC) party, who’s son (see Francisco ‘Pancho’ Forro) was captured and allegedly held for ransom by an armed militia of unknown allegiances called Los Lobos (see Wolves).  US intelligence believes it was really FARIS operatives who held Pancho to influence Miguel into voting for amending the Copanian Constitution during a close vote in parliament.  The amendment, presented by the far-left party, Muvimiento Bolivariano (see Bolivarian Movement), was in favor of removing the electoral college and gerrymandering districts.  His execution backfired and the constitutional amendment was voted down, infuriating the insurgency and their far left-wing supporters. 

·        General Atticus Guerrero- Commander of the 1o Batallon de Comandos (see 1st Commando Battalion) who is partnered with US forces in the fight against FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) in Copan.   He is a graduate of the US Army School of the Americas in Fort Benning and staunch supporter of US policy in Latin America and Copan.  He is seen by US analysts as incorruptible. 

·        Señor Harold –former freelance journalist who has been identified by US intelligence as a FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) sympathizer and propagandist.  His coverage of the guerilla force is extensive.  

·        Gerald Helms - Canadian national who was taken hostage alongside Philip James by FARIS in No Puerta Villa, Georgias Province on Christmas Eve 2018.  Mr. James worked for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and was accused of being a spy by FARIS.  Both were rescued during a raid on a FEB black site May 4, 2019.

·        Lieutenant Colonel Mateo ’El Kaiju’ Herrera Sánchez –lieutenant colonel in the FEB’s (see Federation of Bolivarian States) Army.  He is a deeply traditional soldier who leads with an iron fist.  He comes from a prominent, wealthy Latin American family, whose father also came from an esteemed military career.  He was placed in key positions ahead of his peers, giving him several opportunities to be introduced to key influencers throughout his military career.  His leadership style is accentuated with "deserving entitlement". 

In May 4, 2019 while in command of the northwestern sector defending against the US invasion, he became life-threateningly ill under mysterious circumstances and was evacuated.   He recovered though he has no recollection of events leading up to his sudden illness.  He was made paramilitary commander of las Aguilas (see Eagles Unit) since his return to duty.

·        Miguel Honcho -  leader of the Tigres Negros milicia (see Black Tigers) which operates in southern Copan and Northwestern FEB.  He was a former Honduran Colonel before the establishment of the Republic of Copan.  He used his military and political clout to start a militia with the unsanctioned support of the Copanian government in defense against left-wing insurgents and criminal elements in rural ungoverned spaces of Copan.  Franchise Black Tigers elements have emerged and have allegedly worked without the approval of Mr. Honcho some of which were in support of FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality). 

·        Pedro Hugo- Right-wing Copanian candidate for Parliament from the Republicanos de Copan party who was killed December 27, 2017 in a bombing attack.

·        Philip James - Canadian national who was taken hostage alongside Gerald Helms by FARIS in No Puerta Villa, Georgias Province on Christmas Eve 2018.  Mr. James worked for Médecins Sans Frontières (see Doctors Without Borders) and was accused of being a spy by FARIS.  Both were rescued during a raid on a FEB black site May 4, 2019.

·        Joe Jackson (R-NC) –US Congressman from North Carolina (R) who served in the House of Representative and the House Committee of Foreign Affairs.   He was considered a hawk and supporter of the counterinsurgency efforts in Copan.  He was assassinated during a VIP visit to Copan in February 17, 2019 by a bomb.   This was the catalyst to the US air campaign that started May 1, 2019 and subsequent ground invasion.

·        Coronel Leon- AKA El Leon del Norte (Real name unknown) - Commander of the La Nueva Madrugada (see New Dawn Resistance) who is believed to formerly be in the FEB military.  He has allegedly defected and is hiding his identity as the resistance leader in the north.  Little is known about his loyalties or motivations.  He has extensive military knowledge through his formal education and his attendance to School of the America’s as a Venezuelan captain before Venezuela federated into the FEB.   An attempt on his life was made using a syringe filled with an unknown poison in May 3, 2019.  He was evacuated underground still alive.  His status is unknown.

·        Dino Luga –  controversial billionaire, US defense industry mogul and philanthropist.   Born in Brooklyn, NY, Mr. Luga as the heir to the prominent Luga family which traces their roots to Roman emperors.  His net worth is unknown but estimated to be well into the tens of billions.  Forbes and  Business Insider analysts have estimated that he in on track to becoming the world’s first trillionaire by 2031.  

Mr. Luga is a longtime confidant of US President Donald Trump and has many other strong political and financial ties in the US, Russia, Latin America and Europe.  Conversely, he also is believed to have numerous nefarious contacts throughout the world though publicly denying them.   He lives very privately, and much is unknown about his personal life.  He is not known to be married or have fathered any children. 

The defense company he founded (see Luga Industries) is worth an estimated $100 billion.  He stepped down as CEO to board member in 2015 in order to pursue his philanthropic endeavors.  He conducts his humanitarian pursuits through is his non-for-profit organization (see Luga Foundation).  During one such trip, promoting better hospitals and medical care in Copan, he was injured during the attack that killed US Congressman Joe Jackson in February 17, 2019. 

His loyal assistant and biographer, Mrs. Wilson (see Chloe Wilson) is capturing his legacy in an upcoming book.

·        Felix Maduro -  head of Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB) Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Police Commission.

·        Sergeant First Class Michael ‘Bubba’ Moore - senior US Military advisor and Ranger.  SFC Moore has served multiple combat tours in Iraq, Copan and now the FEB (see Federation of Bolivarian States).  Having previously served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, he was hand-selected to lead a secret Department of Defense advisory team to Copan and assist in standing up a counterinsurgency unit.  Initially partnered with a Copanian infantry unit the Gatos Negros (see Black Cats), he taught and led them in strike force, airborne and air assault operations eventually being reflagged as the 1o Batallon de Comandos (see 1st Commando Battalion). 

SFC Moore’s career has seen victory, defeats and controversy while in Central and South America.   While in Copan his inexperienced partnered force, the Gatos Negros, suffered mass casualties during an ambush and failed to rescue the son of a right-wing politician (see Pancho Forro) who was later executed.  However, there were many successes once the training and combat experience came into account.  Reflagged as commandos, they have done exceedingly well.  They rescued an American entrepreneur (see John Baker) at the moment he was about to be executed as well as various Copanian citizens who were held for ransom.  SFC Moore controversies included an alleged killing of an NGO worker (see Doctors Without Borders) and three protestors outside of FOB Thrasher near Blakley Georgias Province, Copan in which he was cleared of all charges.  The US Department of Defense cited that he was within the rules of engagement and was justified in the use of force. 

SFC Moore participated in the invasion of the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB) on May 3, 2019 during which he jumped in with the 75th Rangers.  He was listed as missing in action after a failed attempt to secure a major FEB Army headquarters.  He became separated from his group and was seen on a video being shot.  He was given first aid by the enemy but was later seen being taken away to a black site by a group of DBI paramilitaries. 

·        Fernando ‘El Guerrero’ Mendoza - FARIS action cell leader believed to be a former Copanian Army Sergeant Major before defecting.

·        David Negro (El Negro) - Famous Latin American movie star from the FEB of numerous critically acclaimed movies including; pirate adventures Piratas de Copan I & II (2016-2018), war drama Salvando Privado Gomez (Saving Private Gomez-2015),  1920s gangster thriller El Tio Dios (The God Uncle-2010), and fantasy adventure Señor de los Tronos (Lord of the Thrones-2019).  Nominated in 2019 for Best Actor in his portrayal of Juan Snow, a bastard son who sets on a quest with a fellowship of midges to destroy an evil throne by casting it into the fires of an active volcano.

·        Father Sean O’Brian –  Bishop of the Archdiocese of Copan.  Fr. O’Brian was ordained into the priesthood in his homeland of Ireland after a hard childhood in and out of orphanages and juvenile detentions.  His early start in criminal activity ceased after he almost died from a stab wound.  

After several years doing God’s work in Africa he sought reassignment in Latin America at the beginning of the Copanian Civil War.  He was accused of nefarious activities and being a communist sympathizer by the US and right-wing Copanian politicians.   During the ongoing conflict, his church, Iglesia de Santo Miguel, was bombed during a reportedly errant airstrike.  Copanian locals claim the attack deliberately targeted protected civilian and cultural areas.

·        Francisco Paco Vivasoutspoken landowning Copanian farmer and community leader in No Puerta Villa, near Blakely, Georgias province, Copan.  He helped stage a violent protest outside FOB Thrasher after the alleged murder of a Médecins Sans Frontières doctor.  The protest resulted in three unarmed villagers being shot by a US advisor Michael Moore (see Michael ‘Bubba’ Moore).

·        Jose Peñajournalist for the national newspaper the Copan Daily (see el Diario Copan).  Mr. Peña has chronicled much of the fighting in Copan including imbedding himself with the insurgency and the Copanian military attempting to gain insight on both sides.  He also submits editorials periodically.   He famously interviewed Colonel Verduga (see Colonel Ramon Verduga) while the colonel was detained before he escaped captivity.   He has been accused of being a sympathizer and propagandist by various White House media spokespersons.

·        Rafael Quintero -  Copanian Foreign Minister who was assassinated on June 12, 2018 in a bomb attack in Switzerland during a global symposium on insurgencies.  FARIS claimed responsibility and showed the world its deadly international capabilities.

·        Hector Ramirez – current President of Republic of Copan, who secretly requested US support to fight against insurgents and transnational criminal organizations unbeknownst to the Copanian parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs. 

·        Hiram Ramirez – Copan’s Attorney General that was kidnapped and assassinated by Miguel Armas (see Miguel ‘Macho’ Armas) while he was at church with his family on January 6, 2012.   Mr. Ramirez’s two bodyguards were killed during the kidnapping in the church.  Mr. Ramirez was killed in a rural location in Copan, allegedly so as not to kill him in front of his family and parish.

·        Andres Riano Ravelo -  son of a wealthy Copanian landowner in who was taken hostage by FARIS insurgents December 25, 2017 and killed during an attempted rescue by Copanian commandos on January 15, 2018.

·        Rico Rosa –  former Los Jefes underboss who usurped his way to his own transnational criminal organization, La Man Roja (see The Red Hand) by turning on his boss, Mr. Armas (see Miguel ‘Macho’ Armas) and his cartel- Los Jefes.  Through various contacts in Copanian intelligence, he voluntarily turned state’s evidence for leniency only to disappear underground and re-emerge as one of the new leading drug cartels in Latin America.  US and Copanian officials not losing the opportunity, took down a huge portion of Los Jefes network of safe houses and caches in late 2018.   Mr. Rosa remains at-large and in charge of a multi-billion-dollar criminal organization.

·        Colonel Fredrico Santiago -  Copanian counterintelligence officer that was captured and later executed by FARIS (see Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality) insurgents after a botched spy swap October 13, 2018.  

·        Diego Sierra - Oil tycoon for PetroBol oil company out of the FEB.   He is a big proponent for nationalizing oil and pursuing nuclear power technology to not just make the FEB energy independent but a major exporter.   It is believed he did this for a political run for office in the FEB.

·        ‘Sicario Chingon’  Alejandro de Jesus -  Los Jefes most dangerous hitman, executive protection lead agent, and smuggler.  US analysts believe he is a Cuban national and former Cuban Comando Tropas Especiales (CTE- Special Forces Commando). 

·        Estephan Torrez- current President of the Federation of Bolivarian States (see FEB).  He won re-election in 2018 and shortly after managed to convince a majority of the FEB parliament on amending the FEB Constitution giving him greater executive powers and indefinite presidential terms.  He used the growing crisis in neighboring Copan and the failing economic situation in the FEB as leverage to consolidate power. 

·        Teniente Enrique Turko Machadonotorious and ruthless lieutenant in the FARIS insurgency, now believed to be a FEB Army officer by US analysts.   He is known for developing an effective medical battle dressing called the HitStick which has saved many insurgent lives.

·        Capitan Sergio Valente’- Copanian National Police officer who was killed July 15, 2018 during a daring helicopter rescue which allowed Colonel Verduga (see Colonel Ramon Verduga) to escape captivity.  Capitan Valente’ and three of his men, who were also killed, volunteered to remain at the prison that held Colonel Verduga on the suspicion that the local corrupted police and jailers would release him.  US intelligence analysts believe the helicopter was provided by the FEB Army.

·        Señor Verde - unknown FEB intelligence agent (see Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence) with ties to Colonel Verduga (see Colonel Ramon Verduga) seen on the oil drilling hilltop in Valle Tygart, Oeste Virginias Provence.

·        Colonel Ramon Verduga - insurgent commander of 98th Brigade of FARIS (see the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality).   He is a charismatic but ruthless leader with numerous strong connections within the FEB (see Federation of Bolivarian States) and other nefarious groups.  

Born into poverty in Honduras, he worked various land working jobs while attaining an education.  His parents emphasized education and he excelled in school.  His academic performance allowed him to be accepted in the Honduran Military Academy.  Before the establishment of Copan, he commissioned as an officer in the Honduran army.   Trained by US Army Green Beret’s and recruited to work for the CIA, then-lieutenant Verduga initially was a very big supporter of US policy in Central America having seen combat against the Central American communist insurgency- la Frente de la Gente (see the Peoples’ Front).  Analysts surmise something occurred during his handling that made him turn since his character traits displayed loyalty and a high level of integrity.  That catalyst remains unknown.  His CIA handler found that he had been recruited by both the Cuban and the FEB’s intelligence agencies (see Directorate of Intelligence and Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence).  He was also most likely picked up by the Russia’s Federal Security Service (see FSB).  All elements effectively trained him in warfare and tradecraft making him very well versed in combat and living in the shadows.  His unconventional means of conducting warfare makes him difficult to predict.   

Colonel Verduga has repeatedly shown to use any and all means of fighting the Copanian government.  He enjoys popular support everywhere he goes with a Robin Hood-type lore that precedes him, allowing him to feed and resource his guerrillas.  His business contacts are often personal as he carefully guards close mutually supportive relations, such as with Los Jefes cartel boss Miguel Armas (see Miguel ‘Macho’ Armas).   His guerrilla fighters are fanatically loyal to the revolution and the colonel. 

Colonel Verduga has a vast network of illicit activity he participates in that helps him finance his warfighting goals outside of FEB funding; from running brothels and drugs, to supplying black markets in oil, diamonds and weapons.  No matter what is done to fiscally hamper his operations, nothing seems to shut off his funds for FARIS.  He even has his own line of clothing, workout videos,  online instruction and a popular cooking show.

In May of 2019, the FEB recalled him to assist in the fight against the US invasion of the FEB.  He was laterally commissioned in the FEB military and worked as an executive officer under Lieutenant Colonel Sanchez (see Mateo ’El Kaiju’ Herrera Sánchez).  Lieutenant Colonel Sanchez’s command was cut short under very mysterious circumstances allowing Colonel Verduga to take command of the Panteras and Viboras (see Panther Unit and Viper Unit).

Very little is known about his personal life other than he celebrates as hard as he works.  After a day’s fighting he is known to stay out all night whoring and in revelry only to return the next morning and do it all over again.  Ironically, he believed to have an American wife who was a nurse and NGO worker he met in Copan. 

·        Chloe Wilson - personal assistant, spokeswoman and biographer for Mr. Luga (see Dino Luga).  Mrs. Wilson is an Australian national who once worked as a photojournalist and global affairs correspondent for the Bowen Independent Australian newspaper before working for Mr. Luga.  She suffered minor injuries in a bomb attack which assassinated US Congressman Joe Jackson in during a speaking engagement in Copan.  She is currently writing his biography, “The Life, the Legend, the Luga.”

·        S Miguel Zapata- Copanian businessman and community leader.  He is also a powerful landowner who is a strong source for community happenings.