Here's a quick overview - to see the complete list of rules use the button below to download the latest TACSOP for Centurion Events.

  • Act like a Professional
  • Call your OWN hits
  • Let our medical staff do their job
  • Listen to your Leaders and Our Staff
  • Chrono your weapon as prescribed in the in-brief, mission description or otherwise told
  • Control and lead your team and subordinates
  • Take responsibility and direction
  • Know your role in the event and know your mission
  • No physical or verbal confrontations (see, act like a professional)
  • Don't be on time, be early
  • Conduct combat inspections on yourself and your teammates
    • Always have on eye protection
    • Always control the muzzle of your weapons
    • Load and Unload in appropriate areas
    • Be in the right uniform with the right equipment
    • Chrono all your weapons IAW Event Guidelines
    • Follow Ammo and Weapon guidelines
    • Always have water and a red rag
  • See bullet one, Act like a Professional
  • Have fun

TACSOP (Rules and Guidelines)

Our TACSOP is currently a work in progress.  As a working document we frequently make changes and updates as new information is reviewed and submitted by our staff.

Please take a few minutes to pull up (or download) the latest version and review the information