This is the first design from March 2016

After reading some articles, we recently took on some ideas to create a re-worked red rag or dead rag.  In case you're not sure what I'm talking about, it's something you hold up when you get hit and basically serves (2) purposes:

  1. To let other players know that you've been hit and they won't keep blasting you 
  2. To allow the 'medical' personnel on your team quickly identify you and move to render aid and get you back in the game

Here's a few of our initial thoughts

  1. It should be red (yeah, we're big thinkers)
  2. Contain a humiliating message for you to be shamed from a long distance
  3. Have the ability to connect to your person or equipment so you're not walking around holding a rag
  4. Offer some kind of limited visibility identification for night operations
  5. Should be compact enough you can fold it away
  6. Some kind of Pull Tab or other loop
  7. Velcro fasteners so you can stick it on anything with a hook or loop


Updated Version for Sale

Updated Version for Sale

To be honest as an after thought, we wanted to add reflective tape (for night) but wanted to make sure the rag was still small enough to fit in your pocket or other pouch so on the second design, we had the reflective tape added and also made ONE SIDE HOOK and ONE SIDE LOOP velcro - that way you could wrap and stick it around your arm if you needed to get it out of the way.

We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions during the development and design as well as those that continue to help us by purchasing these 'test' products.