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Required equipment

Required equipment


We wanted to put together a video for some guys that always question what equipment is needed for our events.  We consider safety one of the top priorities but also ease of play for all the enlistees.  

Take a few minutes to watch our video below


  1. EYE PROTECTION - all participants must have full-seal ANSI ballistic-rated eye wear.
  2. FACE PROTECTION - all participants 16-17 must have plastic or mesh face protection - participants that are 18+ may wear mesh, plastic or balaclava protection on their face.
  3. RED RAG / RED LIGHTS - each player will have (1) RED RAG and (1) RED LIGHT on their person - you must be able to mark your position when you're hit for day and limited visibility times
  4. HEADGEAR REQUIREMENTS - IF YOU WEAR HEADGEAR, it must match your uniform - you may not mix TAN and GREEN uniform parts - only equipment (e.g. plate carriers, hydration and other systems) - if the scenario dictates mixed headgear and uniform is the only exception - for example you are playing a civilian you may wear either.
  5. WATER CONTAINER - you must have something to carry at least 1 quart of water - this water must be on you at all times and keep it topped off as much as possible.  Hydration systems like CamelBak and others are recommended.  The more water the better.
  6. MEDICAL CARD - This is a REAL WORLD medical card with emergency contact information - the phone number must not be your own or a buddy that is at the event.  It must be someone who knows your medical history and is offsite to make medical decisions.  IT GOES ON THE LEFT SIDE OF YOUR CLOTHING, NOT YOUR EQUIPMENT.  Medical cards are provided by Centurion when you sign into the event.
  7. RED 550 MEDICAL CORD - This is used for game play is and tied off to your equipment.  It is RED and you start the round with (2) KNOTS.  These are typically provided by Centurion and other MILSIM providers when you sign into the event.
  8. WATCHES - If you get hit you have a 5 minute wait time, you need a watch for countdown as well as for your coordination with other units.

We'll have another video out a little later about OPTIONAL GEAR THAT WE LIKE and other information to include our HIT STRUCTURE and how to properly die in place.

If you have buddies with questions, just shoot them the link, in 10 minutes they'll be able to pick up what they need for playing with us

Eye Protection:

Face Protection:

Red Rag:

Red Light

Bump Helmets: