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PATHFINDER 2019 - Picher Oklahoma

PATHFINDER 2019 - Picher Oklahoma

US Congressman Joe Jackson has been assassinated in Copan; the Federation of Bolivarian States (FEB) has been pumping men, weapons and equipment into Copan for the insurgency led by the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (FARIS); the economic situation in the FEB has become intolerable and its citizens have become restless.  The time is ripe for a US invasion of the FEB! 

The script is flipped where the US special operation forces will lead a resistance towards victory, and the where FEB fights for its sovereignty and regional hegemony.   Join the faction that best suits you and/or your team’s abilities.  Fight in the strategic FEB border town of Picher, Oklahomas Province the birthplace of the FEB socialist revolution.

Tickets for Pathfinder 2019 are on sale now.  We encourage you to get signed up early as far in advanced as possible, we do that for a few reasons.  It allows us to lock down the headcount a little earlier and pass that information to the facility owner. 

It also allows us to book players in advance so we can start passing mission information on the facebook group pages.

We appreciate the support and look forward to you joining us again in Picher, OK in May 2019

To learn more visit the EVENTS PAGE on dates, times, waivers and additional information.

If you have questions about our rules, please check the latest TACSOP HERE.



Tickets for Oscar Mike 2018 will go on sale 6/15/2018.  In true Centurion fashion, we will offer a deep discount for those that decide to enlist early - we do that for a few reasons.  It allows us to lock down the headcount a little earlier and pass that information to the facility owner.  It also allows us to book players in advance so we can start passing mission information on the facebook group pages.

We appreciate the support and look forward to you joining us again in Blakely, GA in October.

To learn more visit the EVENTS PAGE on dates, times, waivers and additional information.

If you have questions about our rules, please check the latest TACSOP HERE.

Battle of Tygart Valley Wrap-up

Battle of Tygart Valley Wrap-up

In the aftermath of our latest event in Phillipi, WV we want to thank everyone for attending and giving our style of play another chance. 

As per some of the AARs, some people actually like the idea of not sending thousands and thousands down range so we're staying on target for 'our type of game'.

A special thanks to our SPONSORS:


If you have questions about our events or would like to take part - visit the Facebook page to get more information.


We appreciate the support.

Battle of Tygart Valley

Battle of Tygart Valley


Centurion MILSIM will be conducting a weekend event in Philippi, WV from October 13-15, 2017.  Camping / Patrol Base activities will be done on site.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN and slots are limited based on the area of Gameplay, you can reference the MAP LOCATED HERE for more details on the terrain in question.


Forces of the FARIS Regime have made their way north after what seemed like a crushing defeat at Operation Southern Spear.  This time, they've established multiple locations as hard targets that they will guard in order to keep the 'free flow of money from American Dogs' lining their pockets.

More information on the scenario and mission planning will be provided as the even draws closer.

Just want to order a shirt?  Do that here...

Operation Southern Spear

In cooperation with Special Operations Wounded Warriors, we have setup a full weekend Operation in Tabor City, NC.  This event will utilize 700-800 acres of property owned by Special Operations Veterans as well as previously known areas that were owned and operated by ABA Airsoft.

This full weekend operation will bring players into the fold of running both OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE operations through the whole cycle of PLANNING and EXECUTION.  

The plan is to immerse players into everything including PATROL BASE ACTIVITIES, learning leadership and military tactics all at the same time.  Players will be expected to participate the WHOLE WEEKEND and not just RUN AND GUN for a few hours and go home.  This event will require teamwork since we suspect the OP tempo to be a little hectic.  

Our use of Special Forces and Ranger Veterans will add a different type of 'player pressure' that most people running around playing Rambo won't expect.


Operation Gladio 2016 Wrap-Up

As we wrap up Operation Gladio in another Dual-Company Event in Pennsylvania, we look back at all the new participants that moved to our side of the field and wanted to 'go green'.  A special thanks to Tom at MSATO for the support and event coordination - as always, top notch.

The event was set in the hills of East Stroudsburg, PA with the Green Team (Bubba's Bastards) using the upper portion of the facility as the CP.  You would think that's a good thing, until you realize that every time you took a BB, it was up to 15 minutes of wait time, then another 30 minutes of walking straight uphill to get back to the start - it made a lot of the 'Bastards' not want to jump in front of bullets.  Needless to say, the medics had their jobs cut out for them.

The fighting initially started in the wood lines but green would eventually route the tan Raiders back to the buildings - with a few mortars to keep them at bay, the Green units then pushed into the first set of buildings and then began to creep down to the lower levels.

The whole day most of the battle seemed concentrated in just a few structures midway down the slope.  As bodies were poured into objectives to try to clear buildings, the red rags would seem be out in full force as every building was a BB murder hole.

At the event of the event - the Bastards were tired and got a their admissions price + a little more exercise than they bargained for with the respawn count.

We appreciate the Staff from MSATO covering the event and helping to continue to produce great events for players that want a little more competition.

See the you at the next event and thanks to everyone on both sides for coming out - and a final thanks to Amped Airsoft for the great support and availability of items for the players.

The ONE+ONE Veteran Program for Airsoft Events

In an effort to introduce Airsoft and MILSIM events to Veterans, we're offering up a program that we are calling ONE PLUS ONE.  Let us explain a little more about what that means plus a little about what we plan to accomplish with this effort.

As retired Veterans, we want to spread our love for the sport to some of our friends, colleagues and fellow Veterans who either don't understand it at all, or think it's possibly too childish.  The problem with Airsoft is that most of the players end up posting more negative information about events instead of helping to spread the word about how some of the events are full of team-building, long hours and many of the same experiences that you would get in the real Military.


If you are a Military Veteran and currently play airsoft / MILSIM, we are offering a chance for you to bring another friend (who is also a military Veteran) to one of our events for FREE.  That means they get FREE ADMISSION to their FIRST EVENT with our COMPANY.  You read that right, the cost is ZERO for them to participate for the whole event duration (typically 2 days).  As their Veteran 'battle buddy' it will be your responsibility to do the following:

  • Introduce them to the RULES and REGULATIONS
  • Make sure they have the equipment they need to be successful
  • Attend the EVENT WITH THE VETERAN and act as their LIASON

If they hate it, then they've not really lost anything (except for whatever equipment that they lost that you let them borrow).  If they like it, it's another Veteran that can help spread the love of the sport to some of our younger players and become a mentor and possibly leadership within our COMPANY and EVENT structure.


Make contact with us on the Facebook Page to let us know that you're interested in bringing a friend.  AS PER OUR GUIDELINES, YOU MUST BE A VETERAN AND MUST UNDERGO SOME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS AS WELL AS PROVIDING DOCUMENTATION (e.g. DD-214).


Watch the video below for a (less) better explanation of our intent.  We invite Veterans to come play Airsoft with us - we guarantee you'll have fun - if you don't, it didn't cost you anything except the travel time so don't be scared to get shot in the face.

Bubbas Bastards Vehicles

Welcome Bastards!  It's time for the Northern Aggressors to meet their maker - in this case, we're going to arrange the meeting with a little help from 'Ma Deuce'.  The Jeep you see below will be at Operation Stonewall running day and night missions for our great uprising.  Be prepared and on alert.... the time is now.

Ma Deuce


Troop Carrier

We have QRF resources to get around the battlefield at Operation Stonewall - let me introduce you to the woodland wonder.....