Greetings everyone. Most of our announcements for events and other upcoming activities will be done on facebook.  We find the social media platform is easier to manage and keep track of the true Airsoft fans out there instead of dealing with anonymous posts and contents on our main page.  The other reason is that word of mouth for our events are easier to track and it gives everyone a chance to get more information and reserve as spot as they get announced.  At this point, we don't plan to host an internal forum page but will make every attempt to answer questions about event specifics.

On that note, just a few  key things about the company and our plan for the upcoming events...



We may be a 'new' company but the members of the support staff are by no means 'new' to the Airsoft industry or setting up events and teaching tactics.  You can tell from our profiles that we have extensive military backgrounds but that doesn't mean we know everything - we want people to understand that our staff are professional in every sense of the word.  We take questions, we take criticism and more important than anything, we take responsibility.  Our language may be colorful, but our techniques are solid.  Stay humble, stay deadly.

The key focus for our events are for people to enjoy the time they have there.  Nobody likes to pay for an event and end up being just a BB target.  Our scenarios will be unique and require tons of teamwork.  EVERY PLAYER will be the key to success - more on that later :)

As part of some of our events, we will offer classes and first hand instruction on best practice tactical techniques that can apply to your team and the OPERATION itself (whether it's Airsoft or real bullets).  This can include anything from clearing rooms, rappelling, fast roping or how to effectively setup a defensive perimeter.  We want you to get your money's worth...

At the end of the event, we want you to feel mentally and physically spent but more importantly - we want you to feel that you've developed and have become a more effective leader and communicator to your team members.

Fast is slow, slow is smooth, smooth is quick... front site focus... trigger squeeze.