This is a basic overview of the current situation between the Republic of Copan and the Federation of Bolivarian States.  Any new intel or news updates will be posted as they become available.  Please read through the scenario as target packages will be references most of the general information below.



Republic of Copan (RoC) - INDICATED IN YELLOW

  • Unicameral legislative branch
  • Corrupt judicial branch
  • Inexperienced, poorly trained, and poorly equipped military
  • Right wing political party
  • Dominant party until last election
  • Dominant party during military dictatorship
  • Wants to preserve current constitution

Significant Actions

RoC ministry of defense recently approved combat advisory missions without the consent of the new military oversight committee
President of Republic of Copan (POROC) secretly requested US support in combat missions against insurgents and TCOs

US Forces

  • 1x company US Special Operations Combat Advisors and Technicians (SOCAT) 
  • Host Nation Forces

Republic of Copan Armed Forces; Army

  • Legitimizing Copanian forces must accompany US forces on all combat operations
  • 1x Battalion, 45th Light Infantry Battalion (Black Cats)
  • 1-3 PAX per advisory cell

ROC Personalities

  • Miguel Forro
  • RC Congressional Leader
  • Right of center leader
  • Staunch US supporter
  • Son, Francisco “Pancho” Forro 
  • RC political activist 
  • kidnapped by FARIS
We will not stand idly by as the MB robbed the people of Copan of its legitimate leadership. The latest MB push will not stand, nor will their agenda make any progress while I am in office.
— Miguel Forro, RC Congressional Leader


Federation of Bolivarian States - INDICATED IN RED

  • Socialist nation
  • Undermining RoC
  • Secretly funds and trains FARIS

Movimento Boliviano (MB)

  • Far-left political party in Copan
  • Wants to amend RoC constitution
  • Unofficially part of political violence
    • Raul Morales
    • Spokesman for MB
    • Strong ties w/in FEB GOVT

The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias por la Igualdad Social (FARIS) an independent armed political party 

  • Uniformed guerillas armed with Ak47, M16, PKM, G17, RPGs 
  • Operate in 10-20 man elements 
  • Crossed the southern border of Copan and conducted decisive guerilla raids and ambushes
  • Effectively took underground control (shadow govt) of some of the southern townships within Copan, spanning a majority of the southern Border with the FEB 

FARIS Personalities

  • El Guerrero
  • Real name UKN
  • FARIS action cell leader
  • Suspected to have participated in Pancho Forro’s kidnapping

Enemy Situation - ADDITIONAL

  • Los Jefe’s
  • Headed by Daniel Verdugo former SOF officer in FEB military
  • Transnational criminal organization (TCO) that dominates the drug trade in the region
  • Have smuggling routes into Copan, the US and Western nations out of FEB
  • Have freedom of movement within FEB and southern Copan
  • Protect smuggling routes, large drug shipments, and safehouses
  • Armed with AK47s, various pistols

FARIS Personalities

COL Hector Verdugo

  • CDR 98th BDE FARIS
  • His BDE operates in southern Copan 

'El Banquero'

  • True name UNK
  • Financial support cell for FARIS
  • Operates in southern Copan 
  • Believed to have strong MB and FEB connections

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