• Seneca Army Depot (map)
  • Seneca Army Depot
  • Romulus, NY, 14541
  • United States


Mission Date: 19-20 MAY 2018

Time: Saturday 0730 (Op runs 24+ hours once Op starts)

Until Sunday 1400

*(We switched to this location from the VA AO. We apologize for the short notice and understand this might be a smaller turn out but it gives us all an opportunity to try out the AO)

Military Simulation taking place at a closed US Army Weapons Depot in Seneca, NY


Private Military Contracting (PMC) firm is sending in a team to Upstate NY to the former Seneca US Army Weapons Depot. The PMC firm has a reputation of getting the job down at all cost but they often hire questionable former military soldiers from around the world. Some of these soldiers didn't have the most stellar military record. During a recent drunken night out a former US Army soldier disclosed he had worked at the Seneca Depot and had been part of a group that had stashed some of the weapons during the base closure. The records were so messed up that they had these weapons signed off on, but they never left the site. Some of his current PMC colleagues are now looking to use this knowledge to retrieve the weapons and sell them to the highest bidder.

A US Military Joint Task Force's (JTF) QRF is being sent to the former Seneca US Army Weapons Depot in Upstate NY. Although the base had been closed for many years it was discovered that a secret stash of weapons was still onsite and the information has reached some unscrupulous Private Contractors who will sell on the weapons black market.

Current price is $120 (Price increase May 1)
Registration available at MSATO.org

This is a continuous Op once it starts on Saturday based on having enough players from both sides to keep missions going.

AO is approximately 1000 acre with over 30 buildings available.

Combat Vehicles may be available based on players bringing them. We have had a few inquiries already.

Cargo truck vehicles will be available for “helicopter” transport for missions and team movements.

More info will be available in the TACSOP for the OP.