2019 - LA CONTRA - TAN Enlistment - Choose your Role


2019 - LA CONTRA - TAN Enlistment - Choose your Role

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US Special Forces (SF) Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) -24 slots

As an SF team member you will infiltrate using unconventional methods into the area of responsibility.  Once in country you will link up with resistance forces and begin operations.  This is no easy task.  You will be challenged like never before using only your wits.  You will need civilian clothing to blend in with the population at times and a tan uniform when going on combat ops as needed.  These positions are meant for Centurion veterans who are no strangers to immersive role playing; these will be the most serious and demanding challenges Centurion has ever created.

New Dawn Resistance Members- 26 slots

You are a citizen of the Federation of Bolivarian States- Federacion de Estados Bolivarianos (FEB).  Your livelihood for you and your family has gotten worse since Estephan Torrez seized power as president.  You are angered by the way your country has fallen into despair and turmoil.   The responding heavy hand of the government has driven you to the point you wish the government to fall; by your hand. You live in the FEB so you operate in civilian clothing and paramilitary clothing; no uniform requirements at all.  Leave the fancy plate carriers and helmets at home; you are poorly equipped. If you are new to Centurion and want an immersive, interactive and a mentally challenging part join the New Dawn Resistance!

US Army Rangers-50 slots

As part of the Rangers you will wreak havoc on anything your leadership points at.   Forced entry, direct action and destruction are all part of your repertoire.  Once conditions are ripe, you will be the tip of the spear in delivering the armed response to US policy.   If you are new to Centurion and the immersive experience and/or would rather run and gun this is your faction.  No civilian clothing needed, multicam only (original and arid) and bring your best kit; you are an overt force.

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