2019 - LA CONTRA - Green Enlistment - Choose your Role


2019 - LA CONTRA - Green Enlistment - Choose your Role

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Sign up individually or as a group under one of three platoons:

  • The Panthers- Las Panteras

  • The Vipers-Las Viboras

  • The Eagles-Las Aguilas

You are defending your homeland from the imperialist invaders and your country is in need.  Duties in the various units of the Federation of Bolivarian States- Federacion de Estados Bolivarianos (FEB) vary.  These duties include; infantry, border patrol, immigrations and customs, commando operations, counter-intelligence, and intelligence gathering cells.  All players will be involved in some special intelligence gathering or combat mission at some point.  Since you are at home and part of a professional military you will need an OD green uniform, helmet and your best kit as well as civilian clothing.  

If you are new you will have veteran Centurion players to help you navigate through the scenarios. 

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Our approach OP Pathfinder is simple; Pick the team you would like to participate in based on what you want out of the game.  Our events are immersive regardless, but some units will offer you more time in the hot seat interacting with a role player/s which are heavily reliant on your wits. Other units will need tactically savvy individuals.   Both require you to use your head for mission success whether you’re slinging BBs or not.    OP Pathfinder will be fielding new units on both sides with unique capabilities. 

La Panteras (Panthers)

Las Panteras, formed shortly after the establishment of the Federation of Bolivarian States (FEB) in 2001, is a conventional unit of stormtroopers.  Over the years they managed to retain many of the grizzled combat veterans from the coupe de etat that overthrew the US-backed dictatorship. They are disciplined, aggressive and seasoned in current tactics learned from those handpicked to train FARIS insurgents waging war inside Copan.  The country is now called to its defense from the very imperialists themselves that brought dictatorship in days past but are not forgotten.  If you are new to Centurion and the immersive experience and/or would rather run and gun this is your faction.  No civilian clothing needed, OD and/or ranger green only.  Bring your best kit; you are a modern overt force.

La Viboras (Vipers)

Las Viboras origins stem from the FEB military’s intelligence branch.  Trained in intelligence gathering using modern technologies as well as combat, they are part of the spear tip against internal threats such as the emerging resistance forces of the New Dawn (Nueva Madrugagda).  Often working closely with both Las Panteras and Las Aguilas, las Viboras are adaptive to their environment and professional.  You will be challenged using only your wits at times.  You live in the FEB and your every interaction is subject to the scenario.  These positions are meant for Centurion veterans who are no strangers to immersive role playing; these will be the most serious and demanding challenges Centurion has ever created.  Civilian clothing required while conducting covert ops, OD and/or ranger green only during overt combat ops.  Bring your best kit; you are a modern overt force.

Las Aguilas (Eagles)

Las Aguilas, led by some of the most secretive operators inside the FEB intelligence agency, la Direccion Bolivariano de Inteligencia (DBI-the Bolivarian Directorate of Intelligence) have a paramilitary force known as Las Boinas Negras (Black Berets).  This covert unit often handpick individuals for their outfit only after extensive vetting by the DBI.  If you are new to Centurion and want an immersive, interactive and a mentally challenging part but are unsure about expectations join the Las Aguilas. You will be immersed with direct supervision and guidance by Centurion veterans.  Civilian clothing required while conducting covert ops, OD and/or ranger green only during overt combat ops.  Bring your best kit; you are a modern overt force.