2019 - PATHFINDER - Green Enlistment - Choose your Role


2019 - PATHFINDER - Green Enlistment - Choose your Role


Sign up individually or as a group under one of three platoons:

  • The Panthers- Las Panteras

  • The Vipers-Las Viboras

  • The Eagles-Las Aguilas

You are defending your homeland from the imperialist invaders and your country is in need.  Duties in the various units of the Federation of Bolivarian States- Federacion de Estados Bolivarianos (FEB) vary.  These duties include; infantry, border patrol, immigrations and customs, commando operations, counter-intelligence, and intelligence gathering cells.  All players will be involved in some special intelligence gathering or combat mission at some point.  Since you are at home and part of a professional military you will need an OD green uniform, helmet and your best kit as well as civilian clothing.  

If you are new you will have veteran Centurion players to help you navigate through the scenarios. 

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