In cooperation with Special Operations Wounded Warriors, we have setup a full weekend Operation in Tabor City, NC.  This event will utilize 700-800 acres of property owned by Special Operations Veterans as well as previously known areas that were owned and operated by ABA Airsoft.

This full weekend operation will bring players into the fold of running both OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE operations through the whole cycle of PLANNING and EXECUTION.  

The plan is to immerse players into everything including PATROL BASE ACTIVITIES, learning leadership and military tactics all at the same time.  Players will be expected to participate the WHOLE WEEKEND and not just RUN AND GUN for a few hours and go home.  This event will require teamwork since we suspect the OP tempo to be a little hectic.  

Our use of Special Forces and Ranger Veterans will add a different type of 'player pressure' that most people running around playing Rambo won't expect.