As we wrap up Operation Gladio in another Dual-Company Event in Pennsylvania, we look back at all the new participants that moved to our side of the field and wanted to 'go green'.  A special thanks to Tom at MSATO for the support and event coordination - as always, top notch.

The event was set in the hills of East Stroudsburg, PA with the Green Team (Bubba's Bastards) using the upper portion of the facility as the CP.  You would think that's a good thing, until you realize that every time you took a BB, it was up to 15 minutes of wait time, then another 30 minutes of walking straight uphill to get back to the start - it made a lot of the 'Bastards' not want to jump in front of bullets.  Needless to say, the medics had their jobs cut out for them.

The fighting initially started in the wood lines but green would eventually route the tan Raiders back to the buildings - with a few mortars to keep them at bay, the Green units then pushed into the first set of buildings and then began to creep down to the lower levels.

The whole day most of the battle seemed concentrated in just a few structures midway down the slope.  As bodies were poured into objectives to try to clear buildings, the red rags would seem be out in full force as every building was a BB murder hole.

At the event of the event - the Bastards were tired and got a their admissions price + a little more exercise than they bargained for with the respawn count.

We appreciate the Staff from MSATO covering the event and helping to continue to produce great events for players that want a little more competition.

See the you at the next event and thanks to everyone on both sides for coming out - and a final thanks to Amped Airsoft for the great support and availability of items for the players.