US Congressman Joe Jackson has been assassinated in Copan; the Federation of Bolivarian States (FEB) has been pumping men, weapons and equipment into Copan for the insurgency led by the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (FARIS); the economic situation in the FEB has become intolerable and its citizens have become restless.  The time is ripe for a US invasion of the FEB! 

The script is flipped where the US special operation forces will lead a resistance towards victory, and the where FEB fights for its sovereignty and regional hegemony.   Join the faction that best suits you and/or your team’s abilities.  Fight in the strategic FEB border town of Picher, Oklahomas Province the birthplace of the FEB socialist revolution.

Tickets for Pathfinder 2019 are on sale now.  We encourage you to get signed up early as far in advanced as possible, we do that for a few reasons.  It allows us to lock down the headcount a little earlier and pass that information to the facility owner. 

It also allows us to book players in advance so we can start passing mission information on the facebook group pages.

We appreciate the support and look forward to you joining us again in Picher, OK in May 2019

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If you have questions about our rules, please check the latest TACSOP HERE.