The ONE+ONE Veteran Program for Airsoft Events

In an effort to introduce Airsoft and MILSIM events to Veterans, we're offering up a program that we are calling ONE PLUS ONE.  Let us explain a little more about what that means plus a little about what we plan to accomplish with this effort.

As retired Veterans, we want to spread our love for the sport to some of our friends, colleagues and fellow Veterans who either don't understand it at all, or think it's possibly too childish.  The problem with Airsoft is that most of the players end up posting more negative information about events instead of helping to spread the word about how some of the events are full of team-building, long hours and many of the same experiences that you would get in the real Military.


If you are a Military Veteran and currently play airsoft / MILSIM, we are offering a chance for you to bring another friend (who is also a military Veteran) to one of our events for FREE.  That means they get FREE ADMISSION to their FIRST EVENT with our COMPANY.  You read that right, the cost is ZERO for them to participate for the whole event duration (typically 2 days).  As their Veteran 'battle buddy' it will be your responsibility to do the following:

  • Introduce them to the RULES and REGULATIONS
  • Make sure they have the equipment they need to be successful
  • Attend the EVENT WITH THE VETERAN and act as their LIASON

If they hate it, then they've not really lost anything (except for whatever equipment that they lost that you let them borrow).  If they like it, it's another Veteran that can help spread the love of the sport to some of our younger players and become a mentor and possibly leadership within our COMPANY and EVENT structure.


Make contact with us on the Facebook Page to let us know that you're interested in bringing a friend.  AS PER OUR GUIDELINES, YOU MUST BE A VETERAN AND MUST UNDERGO SOME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS AS WELL AS PROVIDING DOCUMENTATION (e.g. DD-214).


Watch the video below for a (less) better explanation of our intent.  We invite Veterans to come play Airsoft with us - we guarantee you'll have fun - if you don't, it didn't cost you anything except the travel time so don't be scared to get shot in the face.

Required equipment

Required equipment


We wanted to put together a video for some guys that always question what equipment is needed for our events.  We consider safety one of the top priorities but also ease of play for all the enlistees.  

Take a few minutes to watch our video below


  1. EYE PROTECTION - all participants must have full-seal ANSI ballistic-rated eye wear.
  2. FACE PROTECTION - all participants 16-17 must have plastic or mesh face protection - participants that are 18+ may wear mesh, plastic or balaclava protection on their face.
  3. RED RAG / RED LIGHTS - each player will have (1) RED RAG and (1) RED LIGHT on their person - you must be able to mark your position when you're hit for day and limited visibility times
  4. HEADGEAR REQUIREMENTS - IF YOU WEAR HEADGEAR, it must match your uniform - you may not mix TAN and GREEN uniform parts - only equipment (e.g. plate carriers, hydration and other systems) - if the scenario dictates mixed headgear and uniform is the only exception - for example you are playing a civilian you may wear either.
  5. WATER CONTAINER - you must have something to carry at least 1 quart of water - this water must be on you at all times and keep it topped off as much as possible.  Hydration systems like CamelBak and others are recommended.  The more water the better.
  6. MEDICAL CARD - This is a REAL WORLD medical card with emergency contact information - the phone number must not be your own or a buddy that is at the event.  It must be someone who knows your medical history and is offsite to make medical decisions.  IT GOES ON THE LEFT SIDE OF YOUR CLOTHING, NOT YOUR EQUIPMENT.  Medical cards are provided by Centurion when you sign into the event.
  7. RED 550 MEDICAL CORD - This is used for game play is and tied off to your equipment.  It is RED and you start the round with (2) KNOTS.  These are typically provided by Centurion and other MILSIM providers when you sign into the event.
  8. WATCHES - If you get hit you have a 5 minute wait time, you need a watch for countdown as well as for your coordination with other units.

We'll have another video out a little later about OPTIONAL GEAR THAT WE LIKE and other information to include our HIT STRUCTURE and how to properly die in place.

If you have buddies with questions, just shoot them the link, in 10 minutes they'll be able to pick up what they need for playing with us

Eye Protection:

Face Protection:

Red Rag:

Red Light

Bump Helmets:



Operation Stonewall 2016

It was a great weekend and we learned a lot with help from players, the MSATO staff as well as some of the people that have been with Bubba for a while.  To those that had some close calls, we'll work on the details for the pyro specifics and have a more detailed ruleset for medics - just wanted to share some of the pics.


There are tons of pictures coming and more on our facebook page - this is just the initial run...

Thanks to all of our participants!

Bubbas Bastards Vehicles

Welcome Bastards!  It's time for the Northern Aggressors to meet their maker - in this case, we're going to arrange the meeting with a little help from 'Ma Deuce'.  The Jeep you see below will be at Operation Stonewall running day and night missions for our great uprising.  Be prepared and on alert.... the time is now.

Ma Deuce


Troop Carrier

We have QRF resources to get around the battlefield at Operation Stonewall - let me introduce you to the woodland wonder.....

Operation Stonewall: Battle in the Valley

In case you didn't see the announcement, we are teaming up with MSATO MILSIM to do a company vs. company event in Virginia from June 24-26, 2016.

We've regrouped from our MUTC scratch and are going head to head with MSATO at a huge facility that has never had MILSIM before and we're looking forward to presenting everyone with not only a new venue, but something that's never been done before - taking our enlistees and pitting them directly against another company.


This will be a 2-day event that includes over 12 multi-story buildings with approximately 500,000 sq feet of building space along with fully accessible UNDERGROUND SERVICE TUNNELS that connect between some of the structures. It includes over 2 full kilometers of battle space and this is the FIRST TIME this private venue has been used, so be prepared to fight building to building for every room.


For this OPERATION, you can choose to enlist with EITHER COMPANY.  Centurion (us) will be GREEN (Woodland, OD) and MSATO will be TAN (ACU, Multicam).  Decide if you would like to play with Bubba or against Bubba (we suggest with) and then ENLIST TODAY.

Centurion Dead Rag

This is the first design from March 2016

After reading some articles, we recently took on some ideas to create a re-worked red rag or dead rag.  In case you're not sure what I'm talking about, it's something you hold up when you get hit and basically serves (2) purposes:

  1. To let other players know that you've been hit and they won't keep blasting you 
  2. To allow the 'medical' personnel on your team quickly identify you and move to render aid and get you back in the game

Here's a few of our initial thoughts

  1. It should be red (yeah, we're big thinkers)
  2. Contain a humiliating message for you to be shamed from a long distance
  3. Have the ability to connect to your person or equipment so you're not walking around holding a rag
  4. Offer some kind of limited visibility identification for night operations
  5. Should be compact enough you can fold it away
  6. Some kind of Pull Tab or other loop
  7. Velcro fasteners so you can stick it on anything with a hook or loop


Updated Version for Sale

Updated Version for Sale

To be honest as an after thought, we wanted to add reflective tape (for night) but wanted to make sure the rag was still small enough to fit in your pocket or other pouch so on the second design, we had the reflective tape added and also made ONE SIDE HOOK and ONE SIDE LOOP velcro - that way you could wrap and stick it around your arm if you needed to get it out of the way.

We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions during the development and design as well as those that continue to help us by purchasing these 'test' products.

Getting Started

Greetings everyone. Most of our announcements for events and other upcoming activities will be done on facebook.  We find the social media platform is easier to manage and keep track of the true Airsoft fans out there instead of dealing with anonymous posts and contents on our main page.  The other reason is that word of mouth for our events are easier to track and it gives everyone a chance to get more information and reserve as spot as they get announced.  At this point, we don't plan to host an internal forum page but will make every attempt to answer questions about event specifics.

On that note, just a few  key things about the company and our plan for the upcoming events...



We may be a 'new' company but the members of the support staff are by no means 'new' to the Airsoft industry or setting up events and teaching tactics.  You can tell from our profiles that we have extensive military backgrounds but that doesn't mean we know everything - we want people to understand that our staff are professional in every sense of the word.  We take questions, we take criticism and more important than anything, we take responsibility.  Our language may be colorful, but our techniques are solid.  Stay humble, stay deadly.

The key focus for our events are for people to enjoy the time they have there.  Nobody likes to pay for an event and end up being just a BB target.  Our scenarios will be unique and require tons of teamwork.  EVERY PLAYER will be the key to success - more on that later :)

As part of some of our events, we will offer classes and first hand instruction on best practice tactical techniques that can apply to your team and the OPERATION itself (whether it's Airsoft or real bullets).  This can include anything from clearing rooms, rappelling, fast roping or how to effectively setup a defensive perimeter.  We want you to get your money's worth...

At the end of the event, we want you to feel mentally and physically spent but more importantly - we want you to feel that you've developed and have become a more effective leader and communicator to your team members.

Fast is slow, slow is smooth, smooth is quick... front site focus... trigger squeeze.